Zanshin in Jujutsu

Ikiyōyō-ryu teaches zanshin

It is much easier to trip someone when you know the direction they plan to walk! 

Mindful jujutsu requires the practitioner to stay in the moment

It is imperative that the jujutsu practitioner maintains zanshin throughout an encounter. The behaviour, decisions and movement of the opponent must never be assumed. Staying present throughout the encounter each movement forms part of the journey towards the triumphant end. 

Fixation on the finish should never replace resolve to achieve an outcome

The objective is to be safe and triumph over our opponent. 

On first encounter we must not predict how this will be achieved . 

Not focusing on the final technique but always moving towards the objective. 

Alert to the movement of our opponent at all times. 

Maintaining a state which is responsive, tactile and flexible. 

Allow the right moment to happen to construct the cohesive components that deliver the finale

Ikiyōyō randori

Free and ‘natural’ movement which supports zanshin practise. A mindful practitioner moves with their opponent finding the proper technique to deliver the final hold, strike or throw in the moment. 

'Move from replication to application'  

Ian Delaney Tashi