Ikiyōyō (spirits rising)

Ryu (flow/school)

Bujutsu  (martial arts)

Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu embraces the  traditional martial arts of Japan. These include unarmed and weapons techniques practised for centuries by warriors of different classes and as self defence for civilians. Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu is an art that is both traditional and relevant.

Through Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu embody the positive values of Budo (Martial ways). 

Our syllabus includes:

We also incorporate a range of weapons

Randori (controlled, instinctive fighting) is utilised to engage in  martial movement 

Ikiyōyō undō (core movements exercise) follow natural movement in three dimensions. Understanding the 'process' of technique rather than fixating on the 'end' result. This is both unique to our schools and universal in human movement.

Is Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu different from other martial arts?

Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu offers a comprehensive traditional Japanese martial arts syllabus. We use an understanding of the body that begins with natural human movement and builds upon the skills and aptitude of each student. Through this learning process students are taught classical martial forms and application in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Bujutsu shogei no chichihaha wa taijutsu nari

Taijutsu is the mother and father of all martial arts 

Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu is an a not for profit unincorporated association run by volunteers