Ikiyōyō  (Spirits Rising)

Quality does not spring from a single moment, person or thought. A collective of outstanding martial artists contribute to Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu.

Every student that has entered  Ikiyōyō Dojo has contributed to the knowledge and teaching of Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu 

*all instructors have current DBS and are subject to safer recruitment processes 

創始者  (Sōshisha/Founder)

Jacob Sibley Hanshi

Since 1992 Jacob's training has included traditional Japanese martial arts as well traditional and modern martial arts from Asia, Europe and Latin America. This gives a thorough understanding of the context and effectiveness of action in Bujutsu.

Jacob has a unique and powerful understanding of biomechanics through decades of teaching movement in martial arts, circus, mime and physical theatre.  Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu combines physical and emotional learning promoting a complete and effective realisation of martial arts.

Jacob has a long professional career as an educator and is a qualified teacher (PGCE). Expertise in physical training is augmented by wide knowledge of global martial arts and performance anthropology and teaching methods.

Jacob is a Board Member of the European Martial Arts Federation (founded 2001)

Jacob was awarded the title Hanshi by Kodō Butoku Renmei 2024

Co-founders and instructors

The co-founders' and instructors commitment, creativity and counsel has enabled the refinement of art, movement and philosophy. 

Tom Wells Shihan an excellent exponent of Bujutsu with knowledge and skills which refine and contextualise action in the dojo. An education professional (PGCE), he has taught drama, movement and literacy for decades.  Both seasoned performer and fighter. His skills as a martial artist and educator support experiential learning as well as tangible  outcomes.

Neil Cole Shihan is an outstanding Bujutsu practitioner who’s application of all arts is both devastating and creative. As a medical doctor he brings anatomical knowledge and ‘impact assessment’ to all techniques in the Ryu. He is a trainer of GPs (PGCE(GP)) which gives him great insight into teaching and learning. Military training experience and marksmanship also bring an additional perspective to the Ryu

Ian Delaney Renshi has trained within different Jujutsu and bujutsu ryu for over twenty years. His remarkable knowledge underpins his outstanding teaching and leadership skills.  A qualified teacher (PGCE) and physicist, he brings understanding of teaching, learning and technique to all of his students which underpins their progress and success. He leads his own dojo and is very highly regarded within the community for his contribution to both martial arts and the well-being of his students.

Alex Shortland Renshi has exceptional skills in Bujutsu. His diversity in approaches to movement learning includes styles of karate and kenjutsu. Decades as a paramedic gives him an extensive medical and anatomical knowledge as well as frontline experience in conflict and stress management. A qualified shiatsu practitioner bringing knowledge of holistic health. He is a trainer (HEIL6MSLAP)) and mentor within the NHS and his skills in educating others make a valuable contribution to the Ryu

The greatest skill the co-founders possess is kindness.

Hachidan Certificate Jacob

Rokudan Certificates Neil and Tom